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Together at the Top


The Five Stones Breakthrough


The Five Stones Breakthrough is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides personalized training through one-on-one coaching and small groups. The call to action is to help those who need physical, emotional, and/or spiritual breakthroughs in their lives. 


Let's work with your needs.

The program takes an average of six months, 1-2 times a week. Through a series of physical and written exercises and discussions, we will help you develop a healthy relationship with whatever it is you are struggling with and start the path to a breakthrough.  

Volunteer Team

Young Adults

The Five Stones Breakthrough will work with young adults to excite and encourage them to build a spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Short and long term goals will be set based on each person’s individual needs.  Participants will discover the Bible focusing on the teachings of the five stones and the Fruit of the Spirit.  The result of this program is to graduate each person to discipleship so that they will provide an example of Christian leadership and learn how to nurture others. 


Ministers / Leaders

The Five Stones Breakthrough will 

provide pastors and church leaders private attention to improve their physical health so that they may continue their ministry energized and refreshed. We will also offer support and encouragement for those in the ministry who are going through difficult times, particularly those who feel out of balance with their home/work life. 

Study group

Defining Faith

The Five Stones Breakthrough will seek out nonbelievers or persons of little faith.  They will have an opportunity to participate in the class to improve their physical wellbeing. The lessons and discussions will help the individual focus their concentration to provide a foundation for spiritual balance. These talks will focus on strengths and interests. These ingredients will be coupled with prayer to help guide them to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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